PD Measurement

What is a PD Measurement?

  • Pupillary Distance (PD) or interpupillary distance is the distance between the centers of the pupils in each eye.

  • The industry standard is to measure in millimeters.

  • This measurement is used when preparing to make prescription glasses.

How do I measure my Pupillary Distance (PD)?

PD Measurement -

  • Help from a friend:
    • Place a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose.
    • Have a friend face you about arms length away.
    • Have your friend measure the distance between the center of your pupils (the black dots in the middle of your eyes).
  • Measure Yourself:
    • Look in the mirror while wearing glasses.
    • Draw dots on the lenses where your pupils are (using a non-permanent magic marker or highlighter)
    • Take the glasses off and measure the distance between the dots.
  • Optometrist or Optician:
    • Most eye doctors and/or opticians will take the measurement for you in exchange for a very small service fee.
  • Guideline:
    • Most Adults measure between 55mm -65mm.
    • Most Children measure between 42mm - 54mm.

Now you know your PD Measurement!

A valid prescription with PD Measurement is required to order your new prescription glasses.