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Lens Design, Materials, Color Options, Lens Enhancements and Environment should all be considered when designing your new lenses. If you need assistance, a Licensed Optician can help answer any questions you may have!

Lens Design 


Single Vision Lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision and have the same optical focal point or correction over the entire area of the lens.

  • Distance Viewing
  • Intermediate (Computer or for viewing items around arms length away from you)
  • Near Vision (Reading or for viewing items up close)

If your prescription indicates both a distance and a near power it is important to specify which of the three above options you require. Unless otherwise noted, we will assume the single vision lenses are to correct distance vision.


Bifocal Lenses are prescribed if you need correction for two fields of vision and a line or “Segment” separates the two focal points.

  • The upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision, while the lower part is used for near vision.
  • Occupational bifocals can be specifically designed with the Intermediate or “computer” distance in the upper part of the lens and the “Near” or reading power in the lower segment.
  • Bifocal lens design offer a full field of view in the upper portion and either 28 or 35 millimeter width for the lower portion.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the notes section of your order we will assume the bifocal will be to correct distance and near vision.


Trifocal lenses are similar to bifocal lenses, except that there are three focal areas instead of two. The top portion of the lens is used for distance viewing, the middle is used for intermediate (commonly referred to as computer distance) and the lower portion is used for near or reading correction.

  • Trifocals are available in two common segment widths:
    • 7x28mm are the most common with the height of the intermediate portion of the lens at 7mm high and the width of the segment at 28mm.
    • 8x38mm are made with a slightly larger segment for deeper intermediate and wider reading segments.

Trifocal Lenses are excellent for patients that are currently wearing this design or are unable to adapt to a progressive lens design.


Progressive lenses provide a gradual progression from distance correction to near correction, eliminating segment lines and allowing for clear vision at all distances, including intermediate.

Progressive lens technology has improved vastly in the past couple of years and allows us to customize your lenses to your lifestyle needs.

  • Digital technology widens the progressive corridor helping to minimize peripheral distortion.
  • Customize your lenses based on which zones (distance, intermediate, and near) are most important to you.
  • Ergonomically designed lenses to help alleviate neck and back strain.
  • Occupational progressives offer a much wider intermediate and near areas with a minimal distance zone for desktop or task-specific needs.

Entering detailed notes on your order will help us to ensure you are taking advantage of all the new technology available, and to ensure your satisfaction with your new glasses!

Please note: Multi-Focal segments will be measured at standard fitting height unless otherwise specified in the “My Order Notes” section.

Mirror Coatings

Sunwear paired with mirror coatings blocks additional sunlight and reduces harsh glare by 10-15% with a solid mirror, and by 5-8% with a flash mirror. The added reflective properties of sunwear with mirror coatings add to the comfort of anyone suffering from outdoor light sensitivity.

Mirrors can be applied in several styles:

  • Solid or Flash
    • Cover the whole lens evenly
    • Solid Silver, Blue and Gold are timeless classics of the sunwear world
    • Flash mirrors give a sparkle t the eyes but do not overwhelm
  • Gradients
    • Start with mirror coating at the top of the lens and fade evenly to transparent at the bottom
    • Gradients provide additional protection and are great when full mirror is not required
    • Create a great “after-hours” look on a clear lens
  • Double Gradients
    • Start at the top and bottom of the lens and fade evenly to transparent in the center
    • Perfect for skiing or ice and water sports
    • A polarized lens compliments this look perfectly when dealing with blinding glare from above or reflected from the ground below
  • Clear Mirrors
    • Add a luminous quality to photochromatic (transition) lenses while the are in their clear state
    • Add a “WOW” factor when the photochromatic (transition) lenses darken
    • Great for “After-Hours” style

New York Collection: Single and Double Gradients

Click the image below to enlarge

Rx Lenses - New York Mirror Coating

Chicago Collection: Active colors for active lifestyles.

Click the image below to enlarge

Rx Lenses - Chicago Collection Mirror Coating

MIAMI COLLECTION: High-Fashion colors for indoor and outdoor use.

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Rx Lenses - Miami Collection Mirror Coating

L.A. Collection: Flash and Solid Mirrors

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Rx Lenses - L.A. Collection Mirror Coating

Specialty Mirrors: After-hours mirrors for an after-hours lifestyle.

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Rx Lenses - Specialty Mirror Coating

Please note:

Depending on the style selected, mirror coatings can add 1-3 weeks to the processing time of your order but are worth the wait!