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Your Vision Is Our Focus!

Appointments available for local residents In-Office, Nursing Home Visits, Corporate Safety Accounts & School Vision Screenings

We Love What We Do!

Small family owned business located in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire

Licensed Optician travels to our patients that are in nursing homes or home-bound

We provide vision screenings for all of the schools and nursing homes in our district

Always looking to learn new technology or unique and helpful ways to impact our community in a positive way!

You Save Money

We keep our overhead costs very low

100% Guaranteed Authentic Products at Rock Bottom Prices

The only optical provider in our county that accepts all of the Medicaid programs for NH and Maine residents


E-Z Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services!

All lenses are made according to ANSI Standards and inspected by a Licensed Optician

Our Opticians are Certified by the State of NH as well as the American Board of Opticianry

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3M Safety

Altair Eyewear

ArmouRx Safety

ArtCraft Eyewear

Bolle Sport & Safety

Boston Eye Design

Capri Optics

Eight to Eighty


Hilco Vision


Hudson Optical

I-Deal Optical

Modern Optical



On-Guard Safety


ONO Optical

R&R Imports

SD Eyes

Serengeti Eyewear

UVEX Safety


Zimco Optics

and more!

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